The Golden Rings of Digital Marketing

Interactive and practical lessons.
Personal guidance from a specialized expert in digital marketing, Abdullah Al-Ghadouni.
Learn the latest strategies and techniques in digital marketing.
Course completion certificate.

Fahad Albatli

By gaining diverse experiences and insights in Triggers Academy, I have greatly expanded my knowledge. Moving forward, I intend to further my educational journey with Triggers Academy by enrolling in more courses in the future.

Abdullah Al-Maused

I presumed digital marketing solely revolved around social media platforms. However, upon completing the course, I gained valuable insights, realizing that digital marketing encompasses a broader and more profound spectrum than previously perceived.

Abdulrahman Alsaif

Upon entering the workforce, I found that the majority of my tasks diverged significantly from my academic studies. This prompted me to seek out specialized courses in digital marketing, which I discovered at Triggers Academy.
We worked with the best companies on the region - Sabic, KAUST, UBS and more
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