Our Mission

We at Triggers Academy specialize in Digital Marketing education - from the fundamentals suitable for people who are just starting out, all the way to the cutting-edge methods to squeeze the maximum of your online campaigns.
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About triggers Academy and its founder Abdullah Alghadouni

We are Enabling the Digital Transformation of the Nation

Triggers academy is enabling the nation with the needed digital skills to win the future of business. Ads, Analytics, CRM, Apps and CEM.Digital customer experience design and consultation
We’re a Marketing and Technology team, who aspire to have an impact on the way the world does Digital Marketing. Digital technologies have changed the way we work, live, and communicate. We know that this huge shift can pose challenges for you.
Triggers Academy will help you master the skills that will advance your career, and equip you with the needed expertise to achieve your business goals. We’re as passionate as we are ambitious, and the journey has only just begun in helping people achieve their fullest potential.
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We Partner with Key 
Saudi and International Institutions

We work with Google, Digital Marketing Institute and other digital leading technology providers and subject matter experts to provide the local market with internationally accredited programs and enable youth to win their future.
Our partnership extends to collaborating with government enablers and authorities to tailor specific programs for the public. We also engage with brands to help them upskill their teams in marketing and new Marketing technology topics.

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Our culture is one of constant reinvention, and we are always looking to hire amazing people. Just like you!
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