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Instagram ads are the best way to get sales from your website. Instagram advertising training course will help you build a successful campaign practically. Join now.
Instagram is a big channel and has more than 23 Million users in the Gulf countries. People open Instagram apps more than 5 times a day. It has a powerful content and massive engaged audience.
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According to Meta

Instagram users watch Instagram for more than 30 minutes a day. More than half a Billion people watch stories on Instagram daily. On instagram you can create a sustainable pipeline of leads for your B2B business. The ads manager features allow you to test different ads creative ideas at the same time. You can instantly calculate your return of investment on your ads and how much sales you are generating.

Why Instagram Advertising?

Unlike other channels, instagram has many ads capabilities that will enable you to have a manageable growth of your business. Normally ecommerce websites serving as a B2C store have difficulties in creating sizable digital ads campaigns to target different consumer segments, but on Instagram, you can create specific segments with accurate information about their age, gender, and previous online buying behaviour. Simply on this course you will learn how to be in control and win every customer you need to reach. We will teach you the science of creating successful digital ad campaigns, so you can go home and do it efficiently.
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Who Needs This Course?

E-Commerce Owners

Expand your existing sales by advertising on this up-and-coming channel.

Marketing Professionals

Put one of the fastest growing social media platforms in your repertoire of marketing tools to reach varied audiences across the region.


Provide the sought-after service of strategizing, building, and monitoring successful Instagram ad campaigns.

Fresh Marketing Graduates

Start your marketing career with one of the platforms that are closer to you.

Small Businesses

Level up your sales efforts and leverage a growing user base.

Traditional Stores

Move to digital with a master class in Instagram Ads.

What Will You Learn?

These are the main topics we cover in the Instagram Advertising Course course

Why should you advertise on Instagram?

What are the components of the Instagram ads campaign?

What are the basics of digital campaigns work?

Planning a Successful Instagram Campaign

Determine the target audience for the Instagram campaign

Determine the budget for the Instagram campaign

Learn about Facebook's advertising platform

How to make an ad from the Facebook platform?

Performance reports on Facebook

Who is the tutor - Abdullah Alghadouni?

Abdullah Abdul Rahman Alghadouni is an entrepreneur and the founder of our academy. He has rich experience in marketing training and education.
Previously Abdullah worked as a Director of Digital Marketing and CRMs in Nokia, the Marketing Departments of Virgin Mobile and Dubizzle.
He is one of the first Saudis to obtain a license from the internationally-recognized Digital Marketing Institute, and the first Arab to obtain a Professional Certificate in Effective Content Marketing.
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About triggers Academy and its founder Abdullah Alghadouni

What Students Think About the Course

Learn what our alumni think about the Instagram Advertising Course course.

Ahmed Al Owaid

Founder of
I like the coach's flexibility and interaction with you during and after the course. His goal is to make you successful.

Omar Al-Arefi

Founder of Vitamin Agency
Abdullah is knowledgable and with rich experience across multiple vertical in Marketing. The training's information was precise, and was presented beautifully.

Latifa Al-Tamimi

Founder of The Gathern
I benefited greatly - Abdullah has a lot of information to share about Digital Marketing. The biggest advantage is you get all of the knowledge in this course.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How will the training go and what is the method of this workshop?

In this workshop, we will provide you with a short working method in easy to replicate steps that will pave the way for you to excel in your field and achieve great results using Instagram ads. Practical examples and assignments of tasks will be carried out in each session.

What is the duration of the program?

The program will require concentration and work during the duration of the workshops, in which you will need between 6-10 hours. It will take you at least 6 hours per week to plan, implement and improve your performance during the program.

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