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Digital Marketing is one of the most dynamic work environments right now, and having the right tools, mindset, and methods is key to succeed in this everchanging world.
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Why Triggers Academy is going to be your favorite e-learning platform?

Why Triggers Academy?

We live and breathe marketing. Our founders have decades of experience, not only in key global markets but also locally in our beloved Saudi, and the sprawling GCC.
Our belief is that by sharing our knowledge, and methods, we make our homeland, and the region we live in a better, and more competitive place in our dynamic world.
About the Academy

There is a market shift.
Be ready for it!

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has mandated that starting from April 2022,
the Marketing industry will undergo a Saudization process.
Whether you want to enter or you are already a marketing professional, this will produce a significant shift in marketing jobs for both Saudis and non-Saudi marketers.
Now is the time to boost your skills and come on top!
Be ready for the market shift with - Tiggers Academy

Don’t just sruvive in Digital. THRIVE!

Listen to what our Alumni have to say about our academy and how learning with us we helped them improve their skills and be better marketers.

Abdulrhman Alsaif

Most of the things Triggers Academy teach are beneficial and work-related -  they gave me the tools that would empower me in Digital Marketing.

Amira Moubarak

Amira is a business owner - check out what she has to say about how the program helped her

Fahad Al Batli

Fahad who is at the beginning of his career is sharing how the CDMP program helped him succeed

Our Alumni Work in Some of the Best Companies in the Region

Triggers Academy has helped numerous marketers be a hot stock on the job market. Some of them have changed their jobs and are now working in the region’s leading businesses,. Others were already in a good company and taking our courses helped them get a salary increase and a raise.
We Partnered with the top companies on the region - Sabic, KAUST, UBS and more

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If you are looking to go through our Certified Digital Marketing Professional Program or just learn the basics of Social Media with our Social Media Marketing Fundamentals, this is the Academy for you.
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