Marketing On Snapchat With Geofilter

Geofilter technique are specific location-based designs that can appear to any user scrolling over their Snapchat photo if they are in that specific location.
Bashair Abdullah
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How can you benefit from Snapchat's marketing features? (Geofilters)

If you were to visit London and stand in the middle of Oxford Circus, take a single photo on the Snapchat app, and then browse through the available Snapchat filters, you would find a filter from a makeup store promoting a new lipstick colour, another filter from a Topshop store advertising clothing customization services, and a third filter from a Nike store for sportswear announcing the arrival of a specific team's shirt.

With nearly 200 million users on the Snapchat app, it has become essential for marketing managers to utilize all available techniques for marketing and promoting their products or services through the platform.

One of these techniques is Geofilters, which are specific location-based designs that can appear to any user scrolling over their Snapchat photo if they are in that specific location.

Geofilters can benefit you in several ways, and in this post, we will mention one of these techniques, which is Geofilters, and their benefits for your system:

  • Increase brand awareness:

You can create your own design that can be seen by people who are unaware of your brand and share it with their friends as well.


  • Increase visits to your accounts on other social media platforms:

You can encourage users to share their photos on social media for a chance to win a specific prize.

triggers geofilter hungerstation


  • Promoting a new service or product:

Users can find out about the launch of a new product or specific offers provided by your company through the Geofilter. (Huda, the owner of the Huda Beauty brand, promoted one of her new products through a Geofilter.)

triggers geofilter huda beauty

Huda beauty

  • Increasing visits to your physical store:

I can find out if there is a specific store or restaurant in one of the commercial shopping centres if I use the Snapchat app while I am in that centre.

triggers geofilter adidas


How to Create a Snapchat Geofilter:

  1. Go to the filter or lens creation page.
  2. Click on "Create Filter."
  3. Upload your own image or design.
  4. Choose your desired dates.
  5. Select your location.
  6. Specify whether the filter is for personal or business use.
  7. Complete the process and exit.

You can use Geofilters in conjunction with paid Snapchat advertising to execute an effective digital marketing strategy, especially if your target audience is younger. These features and technologies provide creative ways to promote and market your brand.

A final tip:

If you decide to use Geofilters in your upcoming advertising campaign, make sure to promote your Geofilter on other social media platforms.

For example, the #عدسة_شجع_الأخضر campaign was a marketing campaign carried out by the Saudi Investment Bank on Twitter.


The Saudi Investment Bank

(After each match, one winner will receive one prize)

The bank will award one prize to the winner after each match of the Saudi national team, which will be received by the participant with the highest number of votes from the audience among the top 4 participants selected by the bank and presented for voting on their Twitter account.


The Saudi Investment Bank

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