Triggers community membership program

Full access to all digital marketing mini-courses on Trigges platforms for a whole year.
Specifically designed for the Saudi market
Taught by one of the pioneers of Digital Marketing in Saudi Arabia

Majed Alghannam

This program helps me stay updated and learn practical marketing skills

Sarah Abdulkader

I learned how to set up my ads on google and create my content strategy, this is so helpful.

Layla Almajed

I have learned a lot, and it is convenient and covers many topics I didn't know about.
We worked with the best companies on the region - Sabic, KAUST, UBS and more
Triggers Academy Membership Program
Triggers Academy Membership Program × 1
1,200 SAR
Subtotal 1,200 SAR
Total 1,200 SAR (includes 157 SAR VAT)

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Triggers Academy Membership Program × 1
1,200 SAR
Subtotal 1,200 SAR
Total 1,200 SAR (includes 157 SAR VAT)

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